UAJK holds Interdepartmental Bilingual Declamation Contest-2023

UAJK holds Interdepartmental Bilingual Declamation Contest-2023

UAJK Declamation Contest-2023

In an inspiring event, the Interdepartmental Bilingual Declamation Contest-2023, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (UAJK) Prof Dr Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi, commended the exceptional potential of AJK’s youth and highlighted the importance of providing them with an enabling environment and mentorship to excel both regionally and nationally.

Speaking as the chief guest at the UAJK Interdepartmental Bilingual Declamation Contest-2023, organized by the Directorate of Students Affairs, Prof Abbasi passionately encouraged the students to embrace such healthy activities with devotion, dedication, and commitment.

The contest showcased the extraordinary oratory skills of students from various departments of the university. The VC shared his unwavering commitment to enhancing the university’s educational infrastructure, fostering an empowering environment, and promoting enriching activities like declamation contests and sports.

A significant announcement was made by the VC, who revealed plans to host a state-level declamation contest among AJK universities in October or November this year. This grand event will serve as a platform for the talented students to demonstrate their prowess and represent their respective institutions at the regional level.

The newly established state-of-the-art King Abdullah Campus, Chatter Kallas, was also highlighted by Dr Abbasi, emphasizing its contribution to delivering top-notch quality education. He urged the students to maximize the advantages offered by this enhanced educational facility.

Dr Abbasi expressed his appreciation for the Director of Students Affairs, Dr Imtiaz Awan, the dedicated members of the UAJK Debating Society, and all the students who participated in the contest. Their collective efforts were acknowledged as the driving force behind the resounding success of the event.

Dr Imtiaz Awan affirmed his unwavering commitment to continue organizing such extracurricular activities, creating a conducive and enriching learning environment at UAJK. He expressed gratitude to the esteemed judges, including Prof Ejaz Noumani, Sultan Ali Tahir, Mubashar Imtiaz, and Qasim Bukhari, for their invaluable insights and tips shared with the participants.

The AJKU’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting academic excellence through events like the Interdepartmental Bilingual Declamation Contest-2023 demonstrates its commitment to empowering the youth and positioning them as leaders in their fields.

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