UET PID holds lecture on PMIS

UET PID holds lecture on PMIS

UET PID lecture on PMIS

A guest lecture on “Introduction to Project Management Information System (PMIS)” was organized for postgraduate students on “Project Planning and Management” at the Department of Product and Industrial Design (PID), University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore.

The guest speaker, Muhammad Shoaib, a UET Alumni (2000 CRP) and distinguished Project Management Specialist, delivered the lecture and provided the students with an insight into the world of project management and the importance of a PMIS.

The lecture provided the students with an insight into project management and the importance of a PMIS. It also offered hands-on training on a modern project management tool like Bitrix24, which will be useful for students in their future careers.

The lecture began with an introduction to project management and the various steps involved in project information storing, retrieving, and presenting. Shoaib discussed the latest trends in project management and provided hands-on training using a cloud-based project management information system/dashboard called Bitrix24. The students were given step-by-step guidance on how to use the software and were thoroughly explained the tools it provides.

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based project management system that is used by organizations of all sizes to plan, manage, and track their projects. It provides a centralized platform where project teams can collaborate, share files, and communicate with each other. It also offers a range of tools that help project managers monitor the progress of their projects, manage resources, and track expenses.

During the lecture, Mr Shoaib provided the students with an overview of Bitrix24 and demonstrated how to use its various features. He explained how the software can help project managers and their teams stay organized, communicate effectively, and keep track of project progress in real-time. He also discussed the benefits of using a cloud-based PMIS and how it can help organizations save time and money.

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