The Product and Industrial Design (PID) department of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is a two-day guest lecture for the 2nd-semester students of the 2022 session.

The lecture was delivered by Rija Sajid, a distinguished alumnus of the 2014 batch who currently works as a digital illustrator. The lecture was organized by Ms Anum Shamshad, Assistant Professor at the PID department, and aimed to educate the students on the basics of digital illustrations for product designers.

Rija Sajid’s lecture was highly informative and provided valuable insights into the world of digital illustrations and sketching. She began by connecting physical media sketching to digital media art and highlighting the differences between digital art and computer-generated art or photo manipulation. She then discussed the software and tools that can be used for digital illustrations and their applications in media and business.

One of the most significant aspects of the lecture was its focus on the application of digital illustrations in product design. Rija explained how digital illustrations can enhance product design projects, and provided examples of how they can be used to create realistic product prototypes and designs. She also talked about the future of digital art and the platforms available for selling digital assets.

The lecture was well-received by the students, who found it informative and insightful. They appreciated the opportunity to learn from an accomplished alumnus who had successfully made a career in digital illustrations. The lecture provided them with an excellent opportunity to understand the practical aspects of digital illustrations and how they can be used in product design projects.

At the end of the lecture, Dr Atif Bilal Aslam, Chairman PID department, presented Rija Sajid with a certificate of appreciation as a token of gratitude for sharing her knowledge and expertise with the students.

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