UET PID sensitizes students on Brand Management

UET PID sensitizes students on Brand Management

UET PID on Brand Management

The Department of Product and Industrial Design (PID) University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore has arranged a one-day industrial guest lecture on Brand Management.

The lecture was conducted by Ayman Sultan Saeed Product Manager Passion Foods to share his professional expertise on the topic. The event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to build and manage a strong brand that resonates with their target audience. The event covered five key areas of brand management including Brand Elements, Brand Message Strategy and Communication, Target Audience Selection and Segmentation Strategy, Brand Loyalty Indicators, Who Builds a Brand Rather Than a Product.

Speaker Ayman Sultan explained about various elements of a brand, including the brand name, logo, tagline, packaging, and more. He also explained how to develop these elements in a way that accurately reflects their brand’s personality and values. He further taught students about how to create a clear and consistent brand message that effectively communicates their brand’s value proposition to their target audience. The students also explored various communication channels and how to leverage them to build brand awareness and engagement.

The students were equipped with practical knowledge and tools to build and manage a successful brand. The speaker ended his lecture with thanks to the chairman PID Dr Atif Bilal Aslam and the lecture organizers, Ms Aiman Amjad (Lecturer) for inviting him to the department and encouraging such initiatives of industrial collaborations taken by the product and industrial design department, UET, Lahore.

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