The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore organized one of the largest technology events of Pakistan titled “UET Tech Week 2019”. The event that began on February 18 will continue for a week until February 25 and is being held in collaboration with all technical societies of UET Lahore.

The idea of the tech week is to bring the talent and technical prowess of the students to the limelight and give onlookers inspiration to walk down the technological path themselves.
UET Tech Week 2019 aims to bring creativity, talent and innovation together. This event is an ideal platform for students to explore themselves and put forward their creations to the world. A statement from the university said UET Tech Week was purely a technical event as its core purpose was to explore the technical diversities and creative skills that students were gifted with. Many universities are participating in the event.UET Tech 333

The tech festival is made up of a number of segments and modules, including project posters and model exhibitions, TIPS-idea presentation contests, Aeromania, Entrepreneurial competition, Robotics workshop and competitions, gaming and software development competitions. Several teams from various universities will be participating in these events, both for prizes and honour.

UET Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Aziz Akbar, who was the chief guest at the opening ceremony, said the university was “concerned regarding professional development and nourishment of its students”.
“We are making efforts to support students to cope up with the challenges of the industry. Tech Week is a mega opportunity for students to enhance their skill in a competitive environment,” Dr Akbar said. He congratulated the organisers and technical societies of UET for organizing the event and wished the competing students the very best.

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