UHS Revises Admission Criteria for MPhil and Master’s

UHS Revises Admission Criteria for MPhil and Master’s

UHS Revises Admission Criteria

The Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore has approved significant changes to the eligibility criteria for MPhil and Master’s degree admissions. The decision was made at the 202nd ASRB meeting, chaired by UHS Vice Chancellor Prof Ahsan Waheed Rathore, following recommendations from the MPhil/PhD committee.

Effective immediately, candidates seeking admission to MPhil and Master’s programs at UHS will need to achieve a minimum score of 75 percent on the University’s Postgraduate Entrance Test, up from the previous 50 percent requirement. This substantial increase aims to elevate the academic standards and ensure that only the most qualified students are admitted to these advanced programs.

In a move to attract fresh graduates, the ASRB has also eliminated the prerequisite of two years of relevant work experience for admission. This change allows newly graduated students to apply directly to MPhil and Master’s programs without the need to gain additional work experience, thereby accelerating their academic and professional development.

In addition to revising admission criteria, the ASRB reviewed and sanctioned 45 student thesis reports and examination panels for thesis submissions. Among those approved were thesis reports by Sana Iqbal, Osheen Sajjad, Madiha Shakoor, and Shumaila Habib, all PhD candidates in Human Genetics & Molecular Biology, as well as Dr Huma Saeed Khan, a PhD candidate in Physiology.

These changes reflect UHS’s commitment to maintaining high academic standards and providing opportunities for dedicated and talented students to pursue advanced studies. The revisions to the admission criteria and the approval of thesis reports highlight the university’s ongoing efforts to support research and academic excellence.

For further information on the new admission requirements and the application process, prospective students are encouraged to visit the UHS website.

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