Ulema from different schools of thought and leaders of religio-political parties have termed the Single National Curriculum (SNC) in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.

The joint declaration released after the meeting chaired by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Middle East and Interfaith Harmony Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi and participated by Ulema from different schools of thought on Sunday, said the rules about rights of interfaith harmony, women and minorities were clear and loud in the Single National Curriculum.

The joint declaration stated that it was clearly mentioned in the Single National Curriculum that students from non-Muslim community were not bound to get the Islamic education, saying that Single National Curriculum will help reduce religion-based crimes in the country and establish interfaith harmony in society.

The declaration maintained that India was behind recent spike in sectarian based violence in Pakistan, adding that Pakistan at every platform will expose the real face of India.

It further stated that those active against the Single National Curriculum tried to damage the image of Pakistan. The Ulema participating in the meeting stated that the incumbent government did well to take measures and implement the Single National Curriculum across the country.

They stated that nation had already rejected propaganda of a group of few men and women active to run campaign against Single National Curriculum.

Ulema said that subjects which played role in eradicating prejudice were included in the uniform curriculum. They also asked America to set free Aafia Siddiqui as the Afghan war had already ended and there was no justification to keep Aafia in detention further.

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