UMT Holds its 25th Convocation

UMT Holds its 25th Convocation

UMT Holds its 25th Convocation

University of Management and Technology (UMT) held its 25th Convocation 2023 on Thursday, November 16 at the Johar Town campus, Lahore.

A total of 3799 graduates were given degrees in various disciplines on this occasion. According to the details 3083 Bachelor, 133 Master, 553 MS/MPhil and 30 PhD degrees were conferred.

Furthermore, 44 Patron Gold Medals, 53 Rector Silver Medals, 09 Rector Academic Excellence Awards (Gold), 08 Certificates of Excellence, 03 Certificates of Merit, 06 Research Publication Awards for MS/MPhil students, 02 Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad Medal Awards, 01 Khurram Murad Medal Award, 01 Mubarak un Nisa Medal Award, 01 Dr Muhammad Ahmed Medal Award, 02 Greenair Medal Awards, 01 Fast Excellence Award, 01 Yasir Memorial Award and 07 Rector Awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation were also given away on the occasion.

The convocation commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the National Anthem. Dr Sarwar Hussain read a poem paying tribute to ‘Safeer e Ilm o Agahi’, the beloved Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed).

Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman Governor of Punjab, Ibrahim Hasan Murad Provincial Minister for Livestock, Transport, Mines & Minerals Punjab, Usman Asif CEO Devsinc, Chairman UMT Dr Ahmad Umar Murad, Vice Chairman Farooq Salman Murad, Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza, Acting President UMT Lt Gen (R) Javed Hasan, Director General UMT Professor Abid Sherwani, Registrar Saleem Ata, Controller Examination Dr Shahid, Director HR Irfan Bajwa, Deans, Directors and a huge number of students and their parents attended the ceremony.

Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza extended a warm welcome to the esteemed Governor of Punjab Mr Baligh ur Rehman and the Keynote Speaker Mr Usman Asif for gracing the 25th Convocation with their presence. Dr Raza wholeheartedly congratulated the graduating students, their proud parents, and the dedicated UMT faculty for their unwavering commitment.

In his address, he reflected on UMT’s remarkable journey, highlighting the milestones achieved and praising the visionary leadership of the late Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad. Dr Asif Raza commended the relentless efforts of UMT’s leadership, faculty, and management, propelling us to become a leading private sector university nationally and globally ranked among the top universities. He shared that at UMT participants are groomed 360 degrees so they can lead a confident professional and personal life. As you step into the next chapter of your lives, I encourage you to leverage your knowledge and skills to foster positive change in your communities and contribute to the betterment of society, he advised the graduates.

Honorable Governor Mr Baligh ur Rehman, Patron UMT, extended heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates of the 25th UMT Convocation. He applauded their hard work, resilience, and dedication. The Governor attributed the collective achievements to teamwork, acknowledging the crucial role played by parents and teachers. He commended UMT for fostering an enabling environment and its exceptional management.

Mr. Governor shared valuable advice that success requires a clear vision, strong character, moral values, continuous improvement, non-stop leaning and patience. He highlighted the importance of good character alongside academic qualifications in the journey to success. He also encouraged graduates to embody these virtues.

Mr Baligh ur Rehman gave a special acknowledgement to Ibrahim Murad, Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza, Dr Ahmed Omar Murad, and the entire UMT Family for their dedicated efforts in realizing the vision of the late Dr Hasan Murad, making UMT one of the top universities globally.

Usman Asif, CEO of Devsinc in his speech expressed his thanks to UMT for an invitation and congratulated the graduates on reaching this significant milestone. He shed light on the profound importance of IT in our lives and the limitless opportunities it offers. He addressed the graduates and said that the skills you have acquired are not just tools for your profession but the keys to unlocking doors of endless possibilities. As the architects of our technological future, you have the power to shape industries, disrupt norms, and contribute to the betterment of Pakistan, he stressed. He advised the graduates to find a mentor who can teach them how to think, read more books and spend time pondering.

Chairman ILM Trust\UMT Dr Ahmed Omar Murad congratulated the graduates and their parents. He stated that “I am confident that as you step out into the real world, equipped with knowledge and skills, the bright future of Pakistan will be shaped by you”.

Dr Ahmad encouraged them to figure out the purpose of their life and the potential within them. He also laid emphasis on life-long learning, skill development and public welfare. He also guided the graduates to not just settle for the ordinary but to make their lives extraordinary.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Provincial Minister for Livestock, Transport, Mines & Minerals presented souvenirs to Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman Governor of the Punjab and Usman Asif, CEO Devsinc at the end of the ceremony.

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