Though not many university applicants in Pakistan realise it, universities and their degree programmes are routinely evaluated on the basis of several qualitative and quantitative measures the institutes have put in place for able dispensation of their noble services. Accreditations of programmes from HEC-approved independent evaluators is important not only to the survival of universities, but they are also extremely crucial for the studies and careers of many gullible students who continue falling into the hands of charlatans posing as educators.

So before any of you or your loved ones sit down to apply for a business degree programme, it will be wise to know which of the private business schools in Pakistan have received the highest ranking by National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBAEC) – an accreditation authority that outlines systems, procedures, networks and programmes to ensure that degree awarding institutions in Pakistan provide services comparable with global standards.

The Standard

NBAEC offers one of three ratings to degree programmes in business administration, management sciences, public administration and commerce disciplines after detailed evaluation. The degree programmes are either awarded W category, X category or Y category. W category, the highest accreditation category, is awarded for five years if the degree programmes meet 80% or more of the criteria of services and facilities specified by NBEAC.

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X category schools and programmes are rated so as their facilities meet only 65%-79% of requisite criteria, while Y category schools and programmes are deemed not qualified for accreditation as the facilities meet less than 65% of those made mandatory by NBAEC.

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The points are awarded after detailed evaluation of the varsity in general and programme in specific on basis of strategic management, curriculum, students, faculty, research and development, social responsibility, resources, external linkages and student placement, and admissions and examination policy.

The Top Schools

According to NBEAC’s latest accreditation review, the top W category has been awarded to only three private universities in Pakistan. The W accreditation score was conferred upon University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Lahore School of Economics (LSE), making their business degree programmes the top ranked in Pakistan.

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NBEAC has placed UMT’s School of Business and Economics, LUMS’ Suleman Dawood School of Business and LSE’s Department of Business Administration in the W category, meaning they best conform to benchmarks set by the esteemed body for dispensation of high quality business education in the country.

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It common to note that when the time comes for sending in university applications, many students choose the blind-shots-in-the-dark methodology. The pressure and competition to win a seat in a university degree programme is such that many applicants would just enroll in any university that offers them a place, without really knowing the true credentials of the programme up on offer. But if you know right stats, like accreditation from approved bodies, it will certainly help you gauge the true potential of not only a university’s degree, but also the value of the education and graduates in the job market.


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