UNDP focus group on training of journalism students held at PU


A focus group exploring the “Practical Training of Journalism Students” was recently convened by UNDP trainer Dr. Yasir Masood alongside Dr. Shabbir Sarwar, the In-charge of Punjab University (PU) TV Center. The discussion delved into four pivotal areas: fact-checking, practical training methodologies, fostering innovation, and the role of research in journalism. Participants critically examined the efficacy of different approaches in combating misinformation, the adequacy of practical training opportunities for journalism students, and the necessary reforms to enhance journalistic quality.

The session, spanning two hours, was marked by a robust exchange of ideas, with students actively contributing their perspectives. Dr. Yasir emphasized the importance of gathering diverse viewpoints, highlighting plans for further data collection from educators in the upcoming phase to inform curriculum development. Dr. Shabbir underscored the inevitability of curriculum updates to align with advancements in media and technology, expressing gratitude to UNDP for engaging the Department of Journalism in this collaborative effort.

The discussions culminated in the distribution of certificates to the participating students, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the discourse. This initiative stands as a testament to the commitment towards nurturing a more proficient cadre of journalists equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of news and information dissemination.

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