Universities Urged to Provide Engineers For The CPEC Project


Engineering universities should provide an adequate amount of engineers for the timely completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, which is vital for the industrial and economic progress of the country, has said by industrial professionals during a meeting held at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. During the meeting of the industrial advisory committee held by the electrical engineering department, participating professionals said curriculum of electrical engineering programmes should be drafted keeping in mind the needs of different sectors including telecommunication, manufacturing and construction sectors, bringing the curricula in line with the market demands.

Different industry professionals also urged electrical engineering students to choose a department where they would like to during the third year of their BS programme. Later, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University President Dr Zubair Shaikh addressed the gathering and said committee members should understand the requirements of the year 2022, when the first batch of electrical engineers would graduate from the varsity. Zubair said this was the right time to facilitate additional training prospects to their faculty members so that an effective link could be created between academia and industry. 

He said industrial professionals should be invited to the varsity to accomplish these objectives, where they would guide the students about different industrial activities. Our faculty members should be sent to various industries to evaluate the present working conditions, he added. 

Industrial Advisory Committee members also pinpointed that majority of graduates were needed by industries in Karachi and hence industry relevant people were vital for drafting the academic curricula of electrical engineering degree programmes. They also declared internship programmes a compulsory part of electrical engineering.

Advisory Board members also opined wind power generation should be given pertinence and it was the right time to set up its structure in Pakistan. 


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