When you spend four conscious years of you adult life at a single place, some aspects of the place are certain to rub off on you. But there are some places that leave a lasting impact on you and your life, and my university – University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila – has had that very effect on me as an individual. Although each day here was something to look forward to, I will share five key features that made me fall in love with UET Taxila over and over again.

It’s Home

Literally, UET Taxila was another home away from home. Only a 30-minute drive from where I live, the varsity was practically the centre of my world for a good four years of my life. The setting, the landscape and the surroundings of the varsity were all part of the area I grew up in. I never felt alien to the varsity environment and that’s something I believe made the institute and its every nook and corner really close to my heart.taax 2


As I had always wanted to be an engineer, UET Taxila and its premises always invoked a sense of yearning each time I passed it by as a teenager. It has been a premier engineering institute since its inception in 1975, featuring prominently among the best engineering institutes in the country on a regular basis. In its 2015 ranking, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) named UET Taxila the ninth best engineering university in Pakistan. So it was nothing less than an unbelievable joy when I finally made it inside UET Taxila as a student. Once enrolled, the knowledge and expertise of the faculty and their efforts to transfer the same to students made me realise why UET Taxila had such a great rapport, besides making me grateful for making it to this remarkable institution.

Friends And Mentors

Besides the academics and learning, UET Taxila was also a journey of building relationships that last a lifetime. Be it the affectionate teachers who took all pains to make students like me excel in studies, or the inseparable friends that left no stone unturned in their efforts to distract you from the former, UET Taxila was as exciting a place as could be. I was really fortunate to have met some of the most inspiring of mentors in the guise of teachers, a number of friends who kept me focused in times of self-doubt and others who made hard times seem a cakewalk like with their humour and hilarity. The varsity was a delightful hotchpotch of diversity, and I will always love the institute for helping me build a diverse set of friends.

It’s Beautiful

Entering the university was a sight for sore eyes, as abundant greenery and painstakingly maintained premises left the mind and soul rejuvenated every time. With beautiful hills of Taxila in the background, the campus was a delight to be at, especially on rainy days, when every colour in nature popped right out across the campus. The mystic early morning fog over the mountains overlooking the campus often cast a profound spell over onlookers in winters.tax 1

A Million Memories

Last, but not the least, reason I love UET Taxila is for the million memories it has left me with and the way it has helped grow, both as a person and a professional. The grind of studies, the pressure of exams, the stress of results and the skirmishes with class friends and class mates were all part of a grand learning and growing experience that every young adult yearns for. UET Taxila has given me teachers and mentors that I am grateful for, friends I could give a leg for and memories I could not trade for anything. UET Taxila, I thank you for everything, and will love you forever.




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