According to a statement issued by the spokesperson of the University of Home Economics, the establishment of the College of Home Economics and Social Sciences had been approved in the meeting of the 5th syndicate under the university.

The spokesperson further said that the degree of Home Economics is being issued with five specializations and the labs of Home Economics have been set up in a modern style with development works costing around Rs.10 crore. Further more the intermediate courses of the university have been affiliated to the Lahore Board of Education in 2019.

The spokesperson here said that all the home economics programs at the university are going on in the same way history shows that the Punjab government has, for the past few years, been granting the status of a university to good colleges. The practice is to elevate college to the rank of a university not that the universities are reduced to the status of a college.

The spokesperson said that false rumors were being spread by some quarters that the real basis of home economics in the university was being destroyed which was completely baseless and based on lies. The University of Economics is moving towards development and expanding these programs to provide better education to more and more girls.

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