Moot Court was inaugurated in the Department of Law and Sharia University of Swat (USwat) by Prof Dr Hassan Sher, Vice-Chancellor, University of Swat and Mr Iftikhar Ahmad Deputy Attorney General Swat.

On the occasion, the Vice Chancellor addressed the students and informed them that Moot Court is an invaluable learning experience for students of law, providing them with a realistic glimpse into the world of legal practice. It is a simulated courtroom setting where law students argue hypothetical cases, honing their advocacy skills and understanding of legal principles. Through the moot court, students engage in intensive research, analyze complex legal issues, and craft persuasive arguments. They are challenged to think critically, present their positions confidently, and respond to tough questioning from judges. Moot court competitions also foster teamwork and collaboration, as students work together to develop cohesive strategies and strengthen their cases.

Iftikhar Ahmad, Deputy Attorney General also addressed the students and said that participating in moot court allows law students to develop essential skills such as legal reasoning, public speaking, and effective communication. It provides them with a platform to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing them for the challenges they will face as future legal professionals. Overall, the moot court plays a vital role in shaping law students into skilled advocates, instilling in them the confidence and abilities necessary to excel in the legal profession.

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