Unknown armed intruders breach UoK security

Unknown armed intruders breach UoK security

UoK security breach

The University of Karachi (UoK) was shaken on Wednesday as a group of unidentified individuals brazenly breached its security, asserting ownership claims over land affiliated with the Department of Architecture and Visual Studies. These intruders arrived on campus in a truck, heavily armed, and forcibly ejected both students and faculty from the affected department, asserting they possessed a court-issued order. The ensuing chaos prompted a rapid response from the Rangers and the local police.

In a media briefing, Senior Police Officer Irfan Bahadur revealed that a longstanding land dispute had been brewing between Karachi University and a private entity. The private party had successfully acquired a court-ordered stay, but the armed individuals attempted to establish their presence on the land in direct violation of the court’s order. Swift police intervention ensured the removal of these trespassers from the university campus. Present on the scene were the relevant Station House Officer (SHO) and university administrators, who received the court-issued stay order.

This resolution promises relief for students who will no longer be subjected to the distressing situation that had disrupted their studies.

In response to this disturbing incident, the Islami Jamait Talba (IJT) issued a statement condemning the actions of the armed individuals. They emphasized the violation of university security and the threats posed to students, faculty, and their property. The organization firmly declared its unwillingness to tolerate such audacious breaches of security and called upon the authorities to take immediate steps to safeguard the welfare of students and prevent any future incidents of this nature.

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