Untold Stories of Karachi’s streets on stall now

Untold Stories of Karachi’s streets on stall now

Untold Stories of Karachi's streets on stall now

The Untold Stories of City’s Streets written by Shah  Waliullah Junaidi has hit the city bookstalls An English translation of Shah Wali’s book “Ye Shahrah_Aam Nahin Hay” book records the history of roads of Karachi built during the previous 175 years narrating the facts and takes behind some interesting names of roads.

It traces the living history with life sketches of legends after whom these roads are named. The book also had details of important personalities who once lived along these roads and also document the historic building making it a must-reference book for students and historians interested in the history of Karachi. Distinguished researcher Khwaja Razi Haider, Director Quaid e Azam Academy, Renowned Scholar, and ex-director Pakistan Study Center, University of Karachi Dr Jaffer Ahmed, senior journalist Nadir Shah Adil and known researcher Akhtar Baloch have rendered valuable contribution and termed the book a treatise about Karachi, a city of thirty million and covering over one hundred miles.

 They have lauded the minutest details gathered and elegantly described by the writer who himself is an acclaimed senior most journalist ۔Shah Wali-Ullah’ s earlier book was North Karachi: A Tale of Fifty Years was also unique as it also recorded some facts not known earlier including planning to develop North Karachi as a model. the residential area for employees serving the capital to be. It also narrates a historic visit of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to North Karachi in 1966 a meeting where the foundation of the new party PPP was discussed.

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