UO approves Alumni slogan

UO approves Alumni slogan


A committee comprising of the senior administrative staff and faculty members of the University of Okara, convened by the UO’s member syndicate, Mazhar Hussain Sahi, formally approved the word ‘Okavians’ as title for the students and alumni of the university. Moreover, the committee also approved the flag the name for the university’s magazine.

The committee presented the flag to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakhar, who, at this eve, applauded the efforts of Mazhar Sahi and said that it was an historical moment for the university to carve out its identity that was to last for centuries to come.

Commenting on the context and significance of Okavians, Sahi told, “This word has strong historical and contextual importance as Okan is a native tree of this region and the name of the district was also carved out of it. Consider this, we have selected Okavians as a title for the UO community.”

Waqar Ahmed Sheikh, Secretary of the committee, said, “District Okara has a proud history and the graduates of the UO deserve to have a title that can be used for their identification across the globe.”

According to the university spokesperson, the newly approved flag of the university would be placed at all entry points and buildings of the campus and be used as watermark on all the official documents.

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