Okara: The University of Okara’s faculty, in a meeting chaired by the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, unanimously passed a resolution to sensitize youth on the Islamic values of tolerance, compassion and nonviolent behaviors.

Addressing the faculty, the VC directed all teachers to spare at least two lectures from each course to highlight the importance of peaceful coexistence, harmony, tolerance, respect for other religions and protection of minority rights and human life.

The VC urged the faculty to guide youth not to take the laws of the state in hand in any situation. “The youth should be taught to be patient and avoid violence in all circumstances. They should be trained to adopt a culture of logical dialogue and discussion on all social, political and doctrinal issues”, said Dr Zakar.

The VC also vowed to initiate a nationwide dialogue on deradicalization of youth by engaging the academia, media, religious scholars, law enforcement agencies and human rights experts.

According to the university spokesperson, there are currently enrolled 22,000 students at the campus and the administration is keen to ensure violence free and safe environment for all, especially the female students whose ratio is seventy percent.

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