UoB Employees Sit-in Outside Balochistan Assembly


A sit-in protest organized by employees and teachers of the University of Balochistan (UoB) outside the Balochistan Assembly took a bitter turn as grievances poured forth, demanding the release of overdue salaries. The protest, which started peacefully, escalated into a heated exchange between the demonstrators and members of the assembly, including Ali Madad Jattak, a senior leader of the ruling party Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), who was present at the scene.

The protesters, who had initially demanded one month’s salary, intensified their demands, insisting on the release of salaries pending for the past four months. They also called for urgent action through a bailout package to address their financial distress.

The tense atmosphere outside the assembly witnessed verbal altercations between the demonstrators and some members of the assembly. Reports emerged of inappropriate behavior towards female professors from both male protesters and individuals accompanying assembly members.

Expressing regret over the unpleasant incident, Chief Minister of Balochistan, through his official Twitter handle, extended apologies to Thathera Achakzai, who is a lecturer at the University, and affirmed the government’s commitment to resolve the salary issue promptly. He assured a transparent inquiry into the utilization of funds and pledged strict action against any instances of misconduct.

Furthermore, a tweet praised Miss Thathera Achakzai, daughter of Mehmood Khan Achakzai and a lecturer at UoB, for delivering a memorable lesson to selected Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs). The tweet applauded her courage and contribution to the nation.

The sit-in outside the Balochistan Assembly reflects the deepening economic woes facing educational institutions’ employees and underscores the urgent need for government intervention to address salary delays and ensure fair treatment of workers.

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