UoE Celebrates 11th Convocation with 9,739 Graduates Honored


The 11th Convocation ceremony of the University of Education (UoE) unfolded amidst grandeur at its main campus in Township, Lahore, with Chancellor/Governor of Punjab, Engineer Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman, at the helm. A total of 9739 students, including 20 Ph.D. recipients, 911 MS/MPhil awardees, and 8808 graduates, were honored with certificates during the ceremony. Additionally, 82 graduating students were lauded with prestigious medals for their outstanding achievements.

The event saw the esteemed presence of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed, Former VC Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (H.I., S.I.), Dr. Faiz ul Hasan, Vice Chancellor of Baba Guru Nanak University Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Former Vice Chancellor of UVAS Dr. Naseem Ahmed, along with members of the UoE Syndicate, Selection Board, Academic Council, Controller of Examination Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, UE Directors/Principals, and notable figures from educational and social spheres.

Distinguishing this convocation was the exclusive use of Urdu, the national language, throughout all proceedings—a symbolic nod to linguistic heritage. Chancellor/Governor Punjab Engineer Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman, on the occasion, inaugurated the UE Sports Arena and Swimming Pool, marking a significant stride in campus infrastructure.

In his address, Chancellor Baligh ur Rahman extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduating students, their parents, and educators. He expressed pride in presiding over the jubilant ceremony, citing UoE’s stature as one of the nation’s premier institutions. He emphasized the pivotal role of educators in nurturing academic excellence and fostering a spirit of creativity among students, essential for societal advancement. Pledging unwavering support for educational development and research initiatives, he underscored the importance of embracing modern technology to propel Pakistan towards progress.

Echoing this sentiment, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Alam Saeed underscored the university’s core mission of equipping graduates with practical skills alongside academic knowledge. He highlighted UE’s commitment to upholding global education standards, aligning educational programs with national priorities to produce competent professionals contributing to the country’s growth trajectory.

Reflecting on UoE’s rich legacy, Dr. Saeed traced the institution’s roots back to the late 19th century, emphasizing its enduring commitment to academic excellence. He detailed ongoing infrastructural developments and academic expansions across various campuses, underscoring UE’s proactive approach in meeting evolving educational demands.

With nearly 30,000 students enrolled, including a significant female cohort, UoE stands as a beacon of inclusive education. Its global recognition in various academic rankings underscores its commitment to quality education and research excellence.

In closing, Dr. Saeed extended felicitations to the graduating class, urging them to honor their parents’ sacrifices by contributing meaningfully to society—a testament to UoE’s ethos of producing conscientious professionals poised to make a positive impact.

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