UoK organizes Seminar on Emerging Trends in Social Sciences

UoK organizes Seminar on Emerging Trends in Social Sciences

Seminar on Emerging Trends in Social Sciences

Experts have called on industry and academic institutions to embrace the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance research, development, and productivity across various fields, including business and academia. This call to action was made during a seminar titled “Emerging Trends in Social Science Studies,” organized by the University of Karachi (UoK).

Speaking at the seminar, AI expert Adnan Zaidi emphasized the transformative potential of AI. “The field of artificial intelligence will continue to explore new domains to assist human efforts in achieving productivity with maximum accuracy and efficiency in a short span of time,” he stated. “Utilizing AI will provide a competitive edge to users, whether in industry or media.”

Zaidi illustrated the power of AI with an example: “An AI tool could read hundreds of newspapers and categorize news in seconds, a task that would take a researcher years to accomplish.” He also noted the shifting role of the human workforce, highlighting that while AI is replacing certain jobs, it is simultaneously enabling humans to focus on more creative tasks such as critical thinking, strategic planning, and decision-making.

According to Zaidi, AI has currently realized about 30% of its potential, with expectations of reaching 70% by 2030, driven by globally renowned companies. He serves as the CEO of Proxima AI, a leading firm in the field.

Dr. Umair Arif, another AI expert, echoed Zaidi’s sentiments, acknowledging the inevitable impact of AI on various jobs and trades. “AI will replace numerous jobs, but it will also create opportunities for humans to adopt more productive and facilitative roles,” said Arif. He urged people not to fear AI but to learn how to use it effectively.

Arif pointed out the slow adoption of AI in Pakistani industries, attributing this reluctance to the significant investment required. However, he stressed that adopting AI technology would provide a competitive advantage on a global scale. Arif, who is an AI consultant at Hexalyze, encouraged businesses to invest in these transformative technologies.

Dr. Fauzia Naz, who chaired a session on AI integration in media, highlighted the challenges AI poses to academic assessments. “Students and scholars are easily using AI tools like ChatGPT to complete their assignments,” she noted. To address this, academic institutions are shifting their assessment methods to focus on students’ analytical and learning strengths through skills such as viva, presentations, discussions, and communications.

The seminar underscored the importance of embracing AI to stay competitive and innovative. As AI continues to evolve, its integration into various sectors is expected to drive significant advancements and opportunities for growth.

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