UoK Revises Post-Grad Admission Policy

UoK Revises Post-Grad Admission Policy

UoK Revises Post-Grad Admission Policy

The University of Karachi (UoK) has revised its admission policy, increasing the minimum passing score for the PhD entrance exam from 50 to 60, in line with the new guidelines issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Starting from June 23, admissions for both MPhil and PhD programs will be open, with the entrance exam scheduled for July 28. The new academic year is set to commence on September 1. Under the updated policy, candidates must now achieve at least 60 marks to pass the PhD entrance exam, while the minimum passing score for the MPhil exam remains at 50.

Professor Dr. Anila Amber Malik, head of the Postgraduate Studies Admission Committee at UoK, informed Express-News that the policy changes are aligned with the HEC’s new PhD regulations.

The revised policy also includes a reduction in the CGPA requirement for MPhil admissions from 3.0 to 2.6, approximately 70%. Additionally, the publication requirements for PhD candidates have become more rigorous. Students must now publish their research in an X-category journal or produce two papers in Y-category journals. Failure to meet these publication standards may hinder their registration in the “PhD Country Directory” (PCD).

Dr. Anila also highlighted that the university opted not to adopt certain aspects of the HEC’s new policy, such as sending PhD theses for evaluation to the top 500 ranked universities or two prominent professors. She noted the challenge of finding such professors within the country and the fact that not all top-ranked universities cover every discipline. Instead, UoK will send theses to developed countries for evaluation.

For the first time, UoK is permitting interdisciplinary admissions at the MPhil and PhD levels. This change allows candidates with a bachelor’s degree in one field to apply for another, provided they meet the criteria established by the relevant Departmental Research Committee. However, these students must complete an additional 9 to 12 credit hours of requisite coursework.

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