UoM employees perturbed over healthcare discrimination

UoM employees perturbed over healthcare discrimination

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Complaints are rampant against widespread discrimination in healthcare benefits allowances given to Malakand University’s employees. Allegedly the Vice-Chancellor has long been involved in favouritism through his Deputy Director Finance concerning the provision of healthcare allowances.

As per laws, the varsity gives healthcare benefits to its employees but Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Gul Zaman in connivance with his Deputy Director Finance Israr Ullah extends the healthcare benefits to their blue-eyed employees alleged the staff members.

Lashing out at the Deputy Director Finance and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Gul Zaman, who faces inquiry having threatened staff members with shooting them in the head amid concerns for his mental health, the employees confided the former only approved cases of those who remain in VC’s good books.

One aggrieved employee requesting anonymity claimed: “You don’t need to have original doctor or pharmacist’s prescription and other medical bills but all you need is to remain either in the good books of VC Dr. Gul Zaman or having a good relationship with his Deputy Director Finance Israr.”

“Bureaucratic hurdles and administrative gaucherie prevent staff from attaining healthcare benefits.” stated another employee, adding: “Though Office of the Deputy Director Finance makes you run from pillar to post in getting your medical bills done, some employees have no option but to visit the Finance Office frequently.”

Considering nepotism on part of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Gul Zaman, on whom the Damocles’ sword of inquiry keeps hanging, and the Deputy Director of Finance, most employees stayed away from taking their medical bills to the office of the latter even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We hardly have any trust in the offices of the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Director Finance concerning the reimbursement of our medical bills,” said another source privy to the situation, stating: “Instead of getting involved in a futile exercise of getting your medical bills done we paid the amount from our pockets amid skyrocketing medical expenses.”

Talking to UoM employees, it came as an irony that VC Prof Dr Gul Zaman filled most administrative posts with his favoured faculty members instead of hiring permanent and experienced administrative staff. “Teaching faculty has no experience in discharging administrative duties nor are they hired for running administration but the VC gives the former additional responsibility to fulfil his nefarious designs,” confided a source while arguing the post of Director Finance also remains vacant for years but the VC does not want to fill it as his tricks of financial wizardry are performed by his Deputy Director Finance—in absence of a full-time Director of Finance—whose alleged payment facilitation to “20 graders” has long been the talk of the town at the campus.

“Our swaggered Deputy Director Finance preens when 20 graders and above or VC’s blue-eyed employees come to his office with their medical bills,” stated another source at one of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s high learning seats.

Offices of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Director Finance as well as Public Relations did not answer phone calls to give varsity’s stance on the sufferings Malakand University’s scorched souls go through augmenting the view how deep secrecy at the second-ranked public-sector university in KP hides administrative misconduct from public eye.

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