UoM faculty members urge governor to send VC on leave until GIT’s decision


Malakand University faculty members, anxiously awaiting two reports from Governor’s Inspection Teams, urged Shah Farman, the University’s Chancellor and the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to expedite the work on the reports. They also requested him to send the VC Dr Gul Zaman on leave until GIT’s decision, considering administrative hurdles he creates for teachers after they signed a petition against him.

The GITs were constituted to investigate Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Gul Zaman’s viral death threats to faculty members and his alleged involvement in corrupt practices, costing dearly to the Lower Dir-based varsity both in finances and otherwise.

Faculty members, confided a source to this scribe, are extremely reluctant to go to the Administration Block at the campus to perform their routine tasks. “Though we have somehow been able to bear with Vice-Chancellor’s look-down-upon attitude, of late, he is not only suspecting us, having signed a petition against him but is now deliberately putting our administrative cases at the backburner,” added the source, requesting anonymity.

It may be mentioned here recently an altercation took place between faculty members and Deputy Registrar Dr. Zar Muhammad with the former demanding a document from the deputy registrar who, as per sources, showed uncooperative attitude to the faculty members.

“A fish rots from the head down,” said a respected faculty member when asked to shed light on the recent brawl between Deputy Registrar Dr. Zar Muhammad and faculty members at the former’s office. The same faculty member said it’s actually “orders from the top that teachers should not be facilitated at the administration due to which the sad accident happened.”

“Look at the irony that instead of resolving the issue amicably between the respected faculty members and the deputy registrar who should have facilitated teachers at his esteemed office, the top brass led by VC Dr Gul Zaman has decided to convene an emergency syndicate meeting to deal with the confrontation between teachers and VC-led administration,” said the same faculty member.

“Calling the syndicate meeting against faculty members coming to administration to ask the deputy registrar about their rightful documents is nothing but harassing teachers’ fraternity at the varsity through the esteemed forum of a syndicate,” stated another faculty member, who is associated with Malakand University Teachers Association (MUTA), adding through such tactics “the VC wants to browbeat us into submission but we would raise our voice.”

The letter a copy of which is available with The Academia Magazine has asked the faculty member visiting the Deputy Registrar (Establishment) Office “to make sure your presence at the campus” on July 8, 2021, when the emergency syndicate meeting convenes while the altercation between faculty members and the deputy registrar took place on July 6, 2021.

“It’s such a pity that the august forum convenes so hastily and that too to hound a faculty member. Isn’t it a waste of precious university resources to call an emergency syndicate meeting for such matters?” said a MUTA activist, adding: “We will keep on raising our voice for the betterment of the university whether the VC like it or not. Likewise, teachers will take their classes as per routine despite harassment tactics applied by inquiries-facing Vice-Chancellor Dr. Gul Zaman.”

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