US Deputy Public Affairs Officer Visits University Of Agriculture Faisalabad


Deputy Public Affairs Officer Brian Brendel from US Consulate General  Lahore visited the University of Agriculture Faisalabad and addressed the students of United States funded English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) aimed at promoting English skills among students aged between 13 to 20 years.

He also called on Registrar/ Treasurer Umar Saeed Qadri, Dean Social Sciences Dr Mahmood A Randhawa, Director Center  for Advanced Studies Dr Ashfaq A Chatha, Librarian Umar Farooq, Principal Officer Estate Management Dr Qamar Bilal, Principal Community College Dr Haq Nawaz Bhatti and others.US 1

He said that access program will help students develop English, leadership qualities and critical-thinking skills.   He added that students should dream big and think about ways to use their skills to make Pakistan and their communities more prosperous. He also said that hardworking and your commitment to achieve your goal is the key to success. It does not matter how many times you fail. It is the continuous efforts that will make their dreams come true.  He maintained English would open up new opportunities for Pakistani students to study abroad and to play a vital role in society and development of the country.  Thew Deputy said that the US was offering the different short and long scholarship under which 30,000 Pakistani students had got the scholarship to study from US universities so far.   US 3

Registrar/ Treasurer Umar Saeed urged the students to utilize their full efforts to get the benefit from Access program.  He said that this Access Program will enable the students to excel in their life and to pursue  their higher education in the US and other countries.  He also suggested the students making the constructive use of information technology to enhance their skills with the help of massive open online courses.

Dr Mahmood A Randhawa said that the Access Program was excellent steps that will also boost up the confident level of the students .  He said that English,  being the global language,  has become a part of life.  We are taking all possible measures to promote education that will herald new era of prosperity. He said that the program will enable our students to interact with the people of the globe effectively that will open up new window of the development for them in their lives.

 Umer Farooq said that under the Access Program, 100 students had passed out while 150 students are being imparted the English skills. He said that university was providing the excellent learning environment to the students to compete in their respective field.  Dr Haq Nawaz said that all possible measures were bring taken to ensure the quality education at the campus.  Dr Qamar Bilal said that UAF had emerged the most greenish campus.

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