Usman Institute of Technology achieves university status

Usman Institute of Technology achieves university status

Usman Institute of Technology achieves university status

Usman Institute of Technology has been given the status of a university by the Sindh Government.

Attending the inaugural ceremony of the varsity as the chief guest, Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail said, “Youth is the future of our country. I am happy to come to such institutions, which are equipped with all the technological facilities for which we send our children to study abroad.” He further stated that I always enjoy talking to faculty members and students. “UIT University has made this journey with great efforts and it is considered as one of the best institutions,” said the governor.

He congratulated the Chancellor of UIT University Hussain Hasham and the board members and added that the government had launched a successful youth program because when a student graduated from an institution they think about what to do next? The government will give 500,000 to such youngsters under the youth program scheme. He stated, “There is a lot of talent in Pakistan. We must tell our success stories to students and youngsters. I hope that this institution will help in the future and development of our youth.”

Whereas acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Shoaib Zaidi narrated that, “This institution is serving since 1994 as a nonprofit organization. More than 4000 graduates serving in reputed firms not only in Pakistan but also internationally.
Political, corporate, and industrial dignitaries including Board Members of Usman Memorial Foundation, Members of Board of Governors & Board of Advisors, were also attended the opening ceremony of UIT University.

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