Value of Internship in Higher Education

Value of Internship in Higher Education

Value of Internship in Higher Education

The value of internship in higher education cannot be stated enough. It is no secret that to excel in any academic field, real hand on experience is a must, and every student of university tries to acquire more skills during studies so that he can look for a proper job after getting passed out and can impress their employers with their experience and relevant work history. Almost every employer and CEO looks for professionals so that they won’t have to train the individual for the position. Let’s have a look at what an internship can offer to students pursuing their professional degrees and how it can help them in their careers.

Bridging the Gap between Academics and Industry

In any given situation, an internship can play an important role in bridging the gap between the students who are studying and the professionals working in the industry as it allows the students to put their theoretical ideas into practice and can learn to appreciate the difference between the realities of practical life and student life. Also, this hands-on experience helps them understand how concepts and theories are implemented in the workplace, making their academic knowledge more relevant and practical. Hence, the value of internship in higher education must be realized by both, the teachers who are training the forthcoming professionals who will be running the industries as well as the market which hiring these individuals to carry out innovative work in the future, so both of these parties should work together to facilitate students in finding the right opportunities that can help them polish their skills and they can get the right experience to sharpen their resume.


Networking is another crucial aspect of the internship and most students failed to realize its importance until they reach the mid-career level. It’s the job of the teachers and instructors to realize the importance of networking so that they can navigate through the rough patches in their careers. And through building the right connections in the field, students have the opportunity to grab the right job as soon as they graduate and, in that way, an internship can act as a stepping stone in the career they want to pursue.

Developing the Right Skills

The value of Internship in higher education cannot be ignored as it helps students in acquiring rightful skills and train them to deal with the real world outside their classroom. The environment and the experience that students get in libraries through books and lectures can only go thus far, the experience of the real world, is a different game altogether and thus internship allows students to transition from student life to professional life in an efficient manner and give them the access to required skills that can further help them to enhance their career.

Learning more about your own potential

When employed in a professional capacity within an organization, it is crucial to possess more than just business and technical expertise. Alongside these skills, the industry also demands proficiency in interpersonal abilities. Regardless of your individual competence, your chances of succeeding in any profession are slim unless you cultivate a collaborative work ethic and embrace teamwork.

Furthermore, it is essential to comprehend the significance of working under pressure and meeting deadlines. Undertaking an internship provides valuable exposure to the demands of a work environment, and the experience gained from such situations can be advantageous when discussing them during future interviews. By demonstrating this experience, you can effectively convey to potential employers that you are well-suited for their company. Hence the value of internship must not be undermined in higher education as it allows students to explore their hidden potential and they can learn from their mistakes.

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The writer, Muhammad Saad, is an M.Phil scholar of Political Science at GCU Lahore.

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