‘We The Future’ Campaign Launches To Enthuse Young Minds

‘We The Future’ Campaign Launches To Enthuse Young Minds

We The Future Campaign

The Ministry of Human Rights in collaboration with UNICEF has launched a campaign to highlight the outstanding achievements of young Pakistanis who have worked hard to achieve their goals and hold the power to influence and inspire other young minds.

“We the Future” campaign aims to raise the awareness levels of youngsters by bringing them closer to other talented Pakistanis of their age to transform their orientation towards life. By highlighting the achievements of these role models, the drive aims to motivate youngsters to dream big and strive for their personal and professional goals. This platform will also be used to highlight the potential of youngsters to express their opinions and develop their capabilities meaningfully so that they can contribute towards the development of community and country, at large.

Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari, in her statement, said “the ministry of human rights, in line with the PTI Government’s policy is committed and focused on alleviating the problems confronting children of Pakistan today. The Ministry will further the rights of children as laid down in our Constitution and will work to stop all manner of child abuse including child labour”.

She said that “at a time like this, stories of young people who have overcome all odds to further their talents are very inspirational because these young people are role models for future generations and send a positive message to the youth of today that they can do whatever they want”. The future of the country rests on our youth which can only happen if they realise their potential and hence the ministry was committed to ensuring the rights of youngsters so that they can pursue their dreams, she added.

UNICEF Representative Aida Girma said that ‘the campaign will be instrumental in increasing the capacity and confidence of adolescents and will encourage them to creatively express themselves in the public domain. ” She added that, the objective was to empower young minds, to raise their awareness levels, develop their creative potentials as change-makers and create space for both engagement and collective dialogue. Girma said youngsters face a number of challenges while pursuing their dreams and there were visible disparities in relation to access to basic services and education. More than 11.2 million adolescents (52 percent girls) between the ages of 10-14 were not receiving formal education and lacked opportunities to acquire education, leading to social and economic exclusion. Hence, investing in adolescents was crucial for national development and long-term economic goals to defeat the vicious cycle of poverty, she added.


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