List of IB schools in Pakistan


List of IB schools in Pakistan

Are you looking for an International Baccalaureate World school in Pakistan for your children? We have listed a List of IB schools in Pakistan.

International School of Islamabad (ISOI)

International school of Islamabad, also know as ISOI, became an IB diploma school back in 2012. ISOI believes that having an IB diploma helps secure better future for the students and the students who opt for this diploma are successful in not only their academic careers in high school but can gain admission into high quality colleges and universities very easily. Students who wish to pursue IB, should join the school when they are in grade 9.

Sheikh Zayed International Academy

Sheikh Zayed international academy is in Islamabad. The main objective of IB programme at Sheikh Zayed International academy is to challenge the students to excel in their studies. It helps them to flourish mentally, physically, socially, ethically and intellectually. The IB diploma programme empowers students to meet the challenges in the real world.

Lahore Grammar School Defence Phase V

Lahore Grammar School in Lahore also offers IB diploma. The programme is for students aged 16-19. They offer a wide variety of subjects such as global politics, visual arts, English, economics, French, German, chemistry, business management and much more.

Roots IVY International School

Roots IVY school has branches all over Pakistan but they offer the IB diploma in limited branches that are exclusive IB campuses. The IB diploma offered at Roots IVY prepares students in become active lifelong learners and focuses on the development of the children which helps these kids within the classroom and beyond. It gives confidence to these students to participate in the world around them and take initiative in their life and to cease opportunities that come their way.

TNS Beaconhouse

TNS Beaconhouse is in Lahore. The IB programme at TNS, provides an exciting and challenging journey for the students as it required them to think critically and solve complex problems. It provides an interesting approach towards students as they get engaged in e-assessments and project-based learning which makes learning more fun and easier.

The International School (TIS)

The International School (TIS) is in Karachi. It was one of the first schools in Pakistan to offer the IB diploma. The IB diploma at the international school is designed to train young minds with IB principles of global citizenship and international mindedness. The students at the international school get a broad exposure of knowledge and training. The students get to choose from a variety of subjects and can select up to four to six subjects.

IB world schools share one common goal which is to improve the learnings and teachings to an inclusive community of students by offering high quality programs of an international education that shares a dynamic vision.

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