WHO endorses UHS Medical Journalism diploma

WHO endorses UHS Medical Journalism diploma

UHS Journalism diploma

The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed the Medical Journalism diploma offered by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore thus making Pakistan the first country in its Eastern Mediterranean region to conduct a unique academic program of its kind.

The diploma has been endorsed by the Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME), a subsidiary organization of WHO consisting of 21 member countries of the region. The objective of the ongoing diploma at UHS is to improve the quality of editing and authorship in medical research journals in Pakistan.

In this regard, Farhad Handjani, EMAME’s Iranian president, has lauded the university’s efforts in his letter to UHS. He said that the programme is a very important and fundamental initiative in the region that can be instrumental in upgrading the quality of medical journals in Pakistan and beyond.

The Medical Journalism program at UHS was launched as a certificate course in 2017. The Certificate in Medical Editing was started under the guidance of eminent medical journalist Shaukat Ali Jawaid. A second certificate course named Medical Journalism for Editors was launched in 2022. So far, more than 150 health professionals including medical editors, researchers, and reviewers, have completed the certificate courses. This year, the university syndicate approved the award of a Diploma in Medical Writing and Journalism to those completing both certificate courses.

UHS Vice Chancellor Prof Ahsan Waheed Rathore has congratulated the program focal person, Prof Dr Nadia Naseem, and her team on this achievement.

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