Why do most students hate Maths?

Why do most students hate Maths?

students hate Maths

Why do most students hate Maths?

In this article, we have listed a few reasons why most students hate Maths.

Mathematics is a very important subject as it applies in everyday life. We must make calculations about how to carry out everyday tasks. However, many students hate mathematics and are always reluctant to study this subject.

Difficult to understand

Learning basic math might be easy but there are certain concepts, methods of solving a sum and the formulas that may cause difficulties for students in understanding and learning it. The higher the number of students in a class, the more difficult it gets to understand and focus on this subject.

Fear of not winning a challenge

Since there is so much competition nowadays, numerous students want to come first and win the challenges, while many students can’t compete, and they give up. It is important for teachers to keep on encouraging students. Many students might lose interest in this subject as they can’t solve the maths problems and will give up.

Inability to memorise maths

Lots of students just learn their answers on subjects or topics they find difficult to remember but in Mathematics, you can’t memorise everything. There are certain formulas that you must learn but you can’t just memorize everything in this subject.

Maths is either right or wrong

In Maths, either you know how to solve the problem, or you don’t. Whereas, in other subjects you can write answers in your own words as the subjects are flexible. But in maths, if you don’t know the concept or formula, it gets hard for the students to solve the sum, let alone get the correct answer. Probably, therefore many students dislike the subject.

Numerous methods for a simple calculation

There are so many methods of solving a simple sum that it confuses the students as to when and how to apply the formulas. These methods cause confusion and bring various questions to the minds of the students. Sequences, geometry, graphs, equations and the list go on. Students can find difficulties in learning all these things let alone perform well in this subject.

Students find the subject dull and boring

Many students find Mathematics dull and boring with the equations and numbers. They don’t get excited about the formulas the way they get excited about other subjects such as history, science, or other subjects that are easy and fun to learn. With so many numbers, formulas or concepts and no stories at all, maths can surely be a boring subject.

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