The recently introduced books by Pakistan Tehrik I Insaf (PTI) government under Single National Curriculum have drawn a debate over social media as people are criticizing the portrayal of women and girls.

A cover page of an English book also gone viral on social media depicts a family showing the girl and women sitting on the floor while the boy and the father sit on the sofa.

The social media users criticized the portrayal of women in hijab. While some of the users also pointed out that male family members were clad in the western attire.

Many others also discussed a chapter titled, “Women as Role Models” which mentions Fatima Jinnah, Dr Ruth Pfao, Arfa Karim, Samina Baig and others.

Sindh’s minister for local government Syed Nasir Shah also criticized the cover terming it one of the reasons behind not implementing the SNC in Sindh. He wrote, “What message do you want to give to innocent children by putting a mother and daughter on the ground? We keep our women at the helm and we have to teach this to our future generations.”

Journalist and Anchorperson Munize Jahangir also criticized the cover on Twitter, “ The single national curriculum has double standards:women are shown on the floor with hijabs,men adorn western attire sitting on a modern sofa. Funny that those lecturing women on what culture to follow seem oblivious that the men are clearly following western culture.”

Oscar Award Winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy shared the cover on Instagram and criticized. She wrote, “Grade 1 is a 4-5-year-old. What are we telling our girls? Cover up at that age? Those who designed these textbooks should be held responsible. #Ziapartdeux”

Another Twitterati Sohail Aziz shared pictures of chapter on women describing names of Dr Ruth Pfao, Arfa Karim and others wrote, “This is Single National Curriculum Grade 5 English textbook. Look! How women have been shown in strong roles. Our women, Our pride. #SNC”

Punjab School Education Minister Murad Raas tweeted and wrote in favor of SNC, saying, “The MAFIAS against the implementation of Single National Curriculum are launching personal attacks on me to deter me from my path. Make no mistake about it, SNC will be implemented in its full letter and spirit. These MAFIAS have only personal interests and Slave Mentality.”

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