World’s largest gold-plated copy of Holy Quran being prepared in Karachi


The world is witnessing a part of the world’s largest copy of the Holy Quran in an exhibition at the Dubai Expo. The copy is being prepared by Pakistan’s renowned artist and sculptor Shahid Rassam. 

The work being done by Shahid Rassam is the only one of its kind. Talking about his work, Anwar Maqsood said that Shahid’s qualification has taken him to a position where he has an understanding of how to write Arabic letters. ‘It is indeed amazing,’ he said. Further explaining the worth of his project, Maqsood said, ‘It is a beautiful gift for the Muslims of the whole world. Please pray that the task is completed on time.’ He paid tribute to Rassam at the end by saying ‘Long live Rassam.’ Getting such an appreciation from another artist is indeed a great thing for any artist. 

Shahid Rassam is a renowned sculptor from Pakistan. He has made his country proud through his work at countless international exhibitions. He is now on his way to completing the biggest copy of the Holy Quran that is being sculpted on canvas. He carries the honor of being the first person to do so in the whole world. 

Rassam has been in the world of art for 35 years. In an interview, he said that he started his journey in his childhood. His work has been exhibited in the whole world now. 

Talking about his current project he said, ‘in more than 1400 years of Islamic history, no one has ever sculpted a Quran.’ He added that Quran has always been written on either paper or animal skin. ‘The life of any piece of art is very important to me and then this is Holy Quran. I chose the material that could make its life thousands of years,’ he said in an interview adding, ‘We chose canvas because it has a very long life.’ He further explained that they studied Arabic, Persian, and Turkish designs and then developed the unique design they are working on now. 

The project that started in 2016 is supposed to take two to two and a half more years.  It is not a one-person task. More than 200 artists are working on it now. Talking to a channel Rassam said, ‘when I realized it is taking too much time, I developed my student’s team and trained them. Now we have more than 200 artists, painters, miniature artists, calligraphers, designers, and sculptors working on it.’

The size of the Holy Quran is 8.5 by 6.5 feet. It is written on aluminum which is around 2000kg and plated in gold which is around 200kg as explained by Rassam in a press conference in Karachi. He further specified that the pages of the Holy Quran are 550 and there are more than 80,000 words. Rassam said that they are supposed to make a Quran Museum which will be the only museum of its kind in the whole world. 

The first part of the World’s biggest gold-plated Quran is in an exhibition at Dubai Expo. ‘We decided to exhibit Surah Rehman because it is called the heart of the Quran,’ said the artist. 

He seemed very dedicated to his work. He explained in an interview that such tasks only get completed through the help of the government or some big institutions but they started it on their own because they had the passion and the will to do it. He said that the world will see it as a complete piece very soon. ‘I wish that this is exhibited in a big museum where every person can see it and understand it,’ said Rassam.

In the press conference, Anwar Maqsood said, ‘what can be a better gift for Riyasat-e-Madina.’ He said that they are praying for the timely completion of this great task. 

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