WWF President urges action on climate change during talk at GCU

WWF President urges action on climate change during talk at GCU

talk on climate action at GCU

Climate change is no longer a future issue; we are experiencing it right now, said Adil Najam, President of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) International, who is also a globally recognized academic and policy expert. He was addressing an invited talk on “Now or Never: The Urgent Need to Take Climate Action for a Sustainable Future” at the Government College University (GCU) Lahore. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi was also present.

Adil Najam stated that it is high time we face the realities of climate change and take bold, immediate actions to protect our only home, planet Earth. He also emphasized that humans, as a species, are very good at adaptation, and we should look at climate change not only as a problem but also as an opportunity.

He mentioned that while we may think globally about climate change, we need to act locally and see this as our individual responsibilities . He also raised his voice against the increasing use of plastic in human lives.

Vice-Chancellor GCU Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi highlighted that living in a polluted environment reduces the quality of life and life expectancy. He discussed the concept of trusteeship for the Earth, stating that the current generation needs to fulfill its needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

The Vice Chancellor emphasized that one important message from this invited talk is that it is our own responsibility to understand the nature of this problem and bring about behavioral change in ourselves, our families, and our communities. He added, “Own your issues and confront those problems head-on. And if our university students cannot have that kind of conviction, who would have it in Pakistan?”

Hammad Naqi, the Director General of WWF Pakistan, also spoke at the event.

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