Yale Expels Student involved in $1.2m Admissions’ Bribery Scandal

Yale Expels Student involved in $1.2m Admissions’ Bribery Scandal

Yale Expels Student

Yale expels student that was allegedly involved in bribing his way into the Ivy league university last year

Yale University has cancelled the admission of a student whose family is allegedly accused of bribery worth $1.2m (£907,000) to ensure admission to the varsity. Yale’s alleged bribery scam was linked to previous fraudulent act, in which an ex-football coach was accused of accepting a bribe worth $400,000 for marking a non-athletic student as a sports recruit. The leading college in Connecticut said an investigation was taking place on the alleged accusation of bribery by the authorities. Women’s football coach Rudy Meredith, who rendered his resignation in November 2018, was one of the 50 other individuals who was charged for the suspected college admission scam.

Rick Singer
Rick Singer

Official website of the varsity states that Meredith is “believed to have provided fraudulent athletic endorsements to two applicants only; one was denied admission despite the endorsement, and the other was admitted”.

Yale, however, refused to mention the name of the student whose admission was cancelled, but the varsity confirmed the scam on Monday. The Ivy League university, along with other top-notch US schools including the University of Southern California, Stanford and Georgetown were also targeted by the accused mastermind Rick Singer.

rudy meredith
Rudy Meredith

The alleged scam helped students to cheat in the entrance exams and also assisted non-athletic students in securing admission through fraudulent athletic scholarships. Singer was reportedly offered $1.2m by a student’s family to assist in offering a bribe to Meredith in 2017. The two, according to the claims of the authorities had been working together on numerous bribery scams since 2015. Accused Singer also sent Meredith the curriculum vitae of a student for admittance in November 2017, asking him to revise the applicant’s portfolio from arts to soccer, per the court documents.

Meredith was expected to appear in court later this week.


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