Youth Summit Calls For Education Focused On Teaching Problem Resolution


Speakers at a youth conference held at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES) called on the government to introduce educational reforms that help students learn the art of problem-resolution and conflict management.

The Youth Summit, organized under the aegis of Concept Unlimited in association with Australian High Commission under their exclusive project titled “#YOUTHA1K – Connecting Youth for Better Tomorrow” discussed in detail the constructive role of youth in making society more peaceful, safe and inclusive.

A panel of experts and keynote speakers, including Shaoor Foundation Founder Syed Ali Hameed, Major Muhammad Awais, LMKT Vice President Meer Anwar, Ali Moeen Nawazish, business consultant Tosheeba Sarwar, Mind Works International CEO Noor Ul Ain Zafar and Ibraheem Ahmed, a learning and development professional, addressed youngsters at the summit.

Ali Hameed of Shaoor Foundation said defending our sovereignty and being able to guard it was important, but war should not be celebrated as it brought destruction only. “We need to address all forms of extremism in order to promote a safe and developed future for the generations to come,” he added.

Security Expert Muhammad Awais said the country had not “won the war against terror yet, as we have to curb the extremism from our society, which s the mother of all problems”. The inclusion of de-radicalised people into the mainstream was the main challenge and the society needed to manage this by all means, he added.

Other speakers at the summit highlighted the importance of education and emphasised its role in developing positive attitudes among the youngsters. They also reiterated the role that should be played by youngsters in mitigating and avoiding conflicts, calling them the advocates of both peace building efforts and peacekeeping.

“The productive and positive role of the youth of Pakistan is critical to a more prosperous, stable, safe and peaceful Pakistan. It is important to provide platforms for youth to share ideas and exchange views. We provided a similar platform through this summit” Haider Meraj, Head Programs at Concepts Unlimited, said.

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