An influential headmaster of Zamzama Government Boys Secondary School Bakht Mazari has started harassing senior teachers of the school, other teachers have complained.

After the publication of news against him, he made it a habit to insult the teachers.

The school appealed to the Sindh Education Minister and Secretary to appoint a senior teacher as headmaster.

According to the details, the headmaster posted in a Government Boys Lower Secondary School has started harassing the senior teachers of the school after publishing news against him.

According to sources, the said headmaster has the full patronage of DEO South Kawar Kumar, due to which he transferred teachers who have raised voices against him.

Bakht Mazari has made it a habit to be rude to teachers, which makes it difficult for them to perform their duties.

The teachers have appealed to the Sindh Chief Minister and Sindh Education Minister to transfer Bakht Mazari from the school and appoint a senior teacher as headmaster.

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