ZEAL Future Enablement Program launched at Ziauddin University

ZEAL Future Enablement Program launched at Ziauddin University

Ziauddin University, East River Digital, Z2C Limited, and Activ8 launched a 12-week innovative digital training “ZEAL Future Enablement Program” at Ziauddin University (ZU).

The purpose of this program is to create a pool of talented digital resources at the management or project trainee level. The program will enable up to 50 participants to develop critical skills in digital media planning, social media, Google Ads, business communication, branding, and search engine optimization.

The ZEAL program will be delivered by expert trainers from East River Digital, Z2C, and Activ8, with additional support from Ziauddin University. Classes will be conducted every Saturday till 19th May 2023 at both Ziauddin University Clifton and North sites.

At the launch ceremony of the ZEAL Future Enablement Program, the Pro-chancellor of Ziauddin University, Dr. Nida Hussain expressed her pleasure to attendees, “we are pleased to partner with East River Digital, Z2C Limited, and Activ8 to provide our students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop critical skills in digital media, we believe that this program will equip the next generation of digital leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers.”

“Participants will benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise of the trainers as they receive training in critical areas of digital marketing, which will enable them to excel in their respective fields”, she further added.

Transformation is continuous, not at one time. Every change delivers value for today and facilitates the changes to come. Success requires strategy and a roadmap for implementation. In the current downturn, the price of acquiring users is increasing rapidly, and hitting targets with shrinking teams, and budget cuts are getting more and more difficult. The ZEAL Future Enablement Program aims to help executives leverage analytics to beat the odds and improve user acquisition KPIs.

“Launching a training academy has been a passion project of mine because it can change the destiny of our country. By training and enabling our talent to serve global markets we create a new set of digital marketing resources that can serve the world from Pakistan and bring much needed foreign investment in this country”, said Faizan S. Syed, the CEO of East River, in his keynote speech.

“Having partners like Ziauddin University, Brainchild and Z2C will ensure this program has true long term impact and value creation”, he continued.

During the event, attendees can look forward to speeches from key stakeholders, a panel discussion featuring program trainers and alumni, and a tour of Ziauddin University. This event promises to be an engaging experience that will offer attendees the chance to learn more about the program, its highly qualified trainers, and the academy itself; it was an opportunity for individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the program and its benefits.

“As technology pushes deeper into the business, the business pushes deeper into technology,” said Raihan Merchant, CEO of Z2C Limited, the venture accelerator that supports Activ8. “All businesses and executives need to be upskilled in digital marketing and creative strategy in order to improve the effectiveness of customer lifetime value initiatives. To take Pakistan to the next level, we need to increase the quality and quantity of talent that will shift the country to a services industry model.”

As the advertising expenditure within Pakistan declines steadily year-on-year, advertising agencies have begun to pivot towards an expert model for their services. This has included training existing talent to work on global brands in the MENA and APAC region, through large consultancies and advertising agencies. In Pakistan, Activ8 is one such example, serving advertisers in the MENA region through it’s relationship with the Publicis Groupe. The exposure to regional megabrands and their campaigns represents tremendous learning opportunities and growth for work placement abroad.

“Executives worldwide need training on platforms and tools that make their roles easier,” said Saadi Gouse, the director of digital transformation at Publicis Groupe in Pakistan. “The data-literate executive will replace the executive that refuses to upskill & adapt. The most significant disruption data and AI create is eliminating the walls between technology and business. They are becoming indistinguishable. Companies must adapt by making technical and non-technical roles indistinguishable.”

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