Ziauddin University: Rankings & Review
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Ziauddin University: Rankings & Review

Ziauddin University: Rankings & Review

Ziauddin University

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Ziauddin University is one of the top medical colleges in Pakistan, offering a vast range of courses to many students. The university provides high-quality education and is recognized for its top-notch education quality and esteemed HEC ranking.


The university was founded in 1986. Ziauddin University continues to provide top-class education along with many other facilities to its student body. It stands as one of the top medical institutes in Pakistan.




The campus is situated in Karachi. The Ziauddin campus not only offers an outstanding educational program but also provides great facilities such as modern classrooms, cafeterias, well-equipped labs, libraries, etc.


Ziauddin University has an enrollment of 1000+ students and a strong network of alumni. It fosters a vibrant educational community.


Ziauddin University has received multiple accreditations from prestigious institutes. The institute has 10+ accreditations, including:

  • Pakistan Bar Council
  • Pakistan Medical Council
  • Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • Pharmacy Council of Pakistan
  • National Council for Tibb
  • National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
  • National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council
  • National Computing Education Accreditation Council
  • National Business Education Accreditation Council
  • National Technology Council
  • Pakistan Nursing Council
  • Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Pakistan Council of Architecture and Town Planners

Disciplines offered:

  • MBBS
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Healthcare Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dental Technology
  • Health and Sports Sciences
  • Language Therapy
  • Medical Technology

Degree Programs:

Ziauddin University offers a comprehensive range of MPhil, Graduate, and Undergraduate programs.


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