Chances that you’ve been continuing with education at school non-stop since a very young age are high, so it is no surprise if you suddenly feel a bit fed up. And whether you like it or not, the pressure of getting yourself into decent university degree programme starts mounting pretty quickly. Although it’s a normal exercise in other parts of the world, the concept of taking a gap year before university is still an alien idea in Pakistan.

So instead of rushing into a degree programme just for the sake of it, you should consider taking a gap year to head to university with renewed zeal and focus. Read on to know what other goods a gap year before university could bring your way.

Discover What You Want

Some students vying for university admissions get so desperate that they would accept any place in any programme they are offered, without thinking about whether they find the course interesting or not. And thinking about career objectives after joining a university is a strict no, no. By taking a gap year, you will have time to explore your interests and potentials. You can shortlist various courses and research the professional roadmaps that each offer. Take time to know what you would really want to do for life through an internship. This way, you can get a taste of various employee roles in a professional setting and maybe come face to face with your own calling. If you are successful, time at your university will truly be a breeze.

Become Independent

Although a university setting does facilitate a student’s transition from an adolescent to a young adult, taking a gap year to explore yourself and the world could multiply the gains. Getting a part time job or internship during the gap year will provide you with invaluable experience and lessons on life, professionalism and responsibility. The opportunity to make decisions independently will not only develop your personality, but also put you years ahead of your peers in street smartness.

Earn Some Money

Of course, earning a few extra thousands could be a delightful way to spend the gap year. Given the continuously rising cost of education in Pakistan, you can also utilise the time off from studies to save some money for potential expenditure the university will incur you and your family. The advent internet and online market places has made gaining skills and turning them into money-making gigs an easy affair. You can get into courses like graphic designing, web development, creative writing, SEO and basic data analysis. These will not only help you earn some extra cash during the gap year, but also help you stay ahead in assignments and projects during university life.

Get Volunteerism Going

The free time before university can also be utilised to volunteer for some social cause or some organisation serving and helping the marginalised sections of the society. The time spent interacting with the less unfortunate can really teach you to be compassionate, humble and thankful for your blessings, something no classroom can ever teach you. Also, the sense of giving back to the community will uplift not only your spirit for years to come, but will also shine bright on your resume and showcase your personality.

Enjoy Life

In life, you will always be short of time, you will hardly ever be done with responsibilities and will always have stuff to worry about. First it will be the university, then work, then family and soon you will realise life has moved forward 10 years, with you still left with only unfulfilled plans of having a good time. The gap year could be an ideal time to engage with what you love; be it getting fit, sports, adventure, travelling, raising a puppy, social work or learning a new skill. Spend some time in activities that you enjoy, rather than which you only engage in for professional or monetary obligation. It could be an ideal time to live life the way you like, rather than in a way you are expected to live.

Begin Fresh

The twelve or so months you will have to yourself before you begin university will leave your mind and body refreshed and ready to take on academic and extra-curricular challenges. Plus, the time spent outside the campus will certainly leave you richer for the experience. You will have fond memories, feel great about having done things you always wanted to do and be motivated to do greater things at the university. That should be enough to get you motivated about opting for a gap year.


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