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HED asks PHEC to propose interview panel for another seven soon-to-fall-vacant VCs’ seats


The Punjab government has finally decided to appoint vice chancellors (VC) at three of the seven vacant posts in public universities where a permanent head of the institution was due for appointment. Following a tedious selection process that continued in fits and starts, the powers that be have finalised the names of VCs for University of Okara, University of Sahiwal and Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan.

During one of his numerous bus journeys back home while being a student at NUST, one of our team members sat next sat to 15-year-old boy named Ahmed. The boy hardly stopped talking during the journey, explaining everything from why the sky was blue, why witches wore pointy hats and how JRR Tolkien got inspired to write The Hobbit. His passionate explanation, our colleague related, gave away his love for the fantasy world as well as reading, which was exactly what Ahmed said he wanted to explore further as a career.

8 Profitable Side Hustles in Pakistan for Students

If you do what average people do, you’ll get what average people get. Regardless of which field you fall into, having a side hustle is vital for your personal and career development. A ‘side hustle’ refers to any job you’re employed at outside of your full-time job that has an avenue to make some extra money for you. Side hustles help you to build up your skills and diversify your income. So if you are a student looking for extra cash in your pocket, here are the eight fruitful areas you can check out without affecting your studies.

Teaching Online

If you have skills in a certain field and think that you have expertise in teaching those skills, then the easiest way to earning some extra cash is by teaching online. There are multiple websites like Udemy and Teachable where you can teach and earn money by only dedicating a few hours each day.


Students that are good at something or are skilled in performing various tasks must check out Fiverr. It is one of the easiest places to offer small services like graphic designing, writing and translation, video making and coding etc. It is the best place for micro-level freelancers, as it’s one of the largest marketplaces with a vast range of services you can offer. All you have to do is be responsive and satisfy clients with your services.

Affiliate Marketing

The trend of affiliate marketing is fast taking roots in Pakistan and happens to be one of the easiest modes of marketing for both the companies pushing their products and marketers engaged in the promotion. All an affiliate really does is promote a company’s product in his or her circle of influence and earn a commission from increased sales. Simple. So look out for affiliate marketing opportunities and get your commission going.

YouTube Channel Hosting

If you are creative and have a knack of gauging what people like, you can delve into the world of YouTube and begin making interesting vlogs, videos or tutorials. Not only do you stand a chance to earn some extra cash, you could well turn this side hustle into a full time career if you can capture the imagination and interest of viewers like thousands of other YouTube stars and celebrities. YouTube pays out a generous compensation for your work with their revenue sharing programme.

Travelling Club

If you are interested in travel and know how to survive the outdoors, you have another opportunity waiting to be exploited. You can keep yourself updated about the costs, rates of services, discounts and facilities regarding travelling to key tourist destinations across the country and then plan organized tours for others who lack your insights. You may be surprised that despite a lot of existing travel and adventure companies and clubs, the demand for quality services in the field is on the rise. All you have to really do is plan comfortable itineraries and point travelers towards the best facilities to ensure five star reviews and repeat interaction from satisfied customers.

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Of course. If you have free time during the morning, evening, night or even on weekends; and a car to spare, you can well become a part time driver. Taxi and bike hailing apps like Uber, Careem and Bikea are doing wonders for commuters as well as the drivers and are getting ever more popular. To be fair, there are examples where people actually quit their full-time jobs to earn through these services. Even if you do not have a car but know how to drive, you can work in shifts for a car owner against a salary. Point of information: the demand for both drivers and cars vehicles for such services is going through the roof by the day.


Websites like JustAnswer pay you to answer professional queries. If you’ve got a high-level skill such as in the law, medicine, or IT, you can get paid to assist others in certain topics or areas of contention they might have faced.

Social Media Manager

There is a large number of small businesses who need a social media manager because they do not have the time or the expertise to be constantly posting on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter. Take it upon yourself to contact local businesses and offer up your services for a contracted monthly fee. This is one of the most effective ways of making some extra cash no matter which field of study you are engaged in.

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Education is the wholistic development of an individual. Intellectual, moral and emotional knowledge are crucial to achieve the end wherein a pupil becomes a socially responsible, compassionate and functional member of a society. Education is more than what any school can provide to a child, and the learning does not, cannot and should not stop once a child steps out school boundaries.

5 Ways To Improve Oral Communication Skills

Building effective communication skills through listening and speaking is essential to forming social and personal relationships. Our ability to reach out to people and understand them is a great way of learning from each other’s experiences and an opportunity to view the world from other’s perspectives. Success at communication, then, not only motivates and inspires interlocutors to interact with us based on the commonality of ideas but also allow them to open themselves to us and indulge in the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

But not everyone finds communicating with others as easy as some do, and most people are really bad at even starting or maintaining meaningful conversations. If that is the case for you, too, here are five easy steps to improve your skills without really breaking a sweat.


The Toastmasters club provides a good arena to prepare members to interact in different social situations. Table topics enable them to be prompt in responding to questions and build their confidence as they engage in conversations with people of diverse backgrounds.

They make the members realize that they cannot become good communicators just by reading or surfing few tips on enhancing oral communication on internet. Rather, they have to become more socially active individuals engaging and molding in different social situations. Toast masters allows members to take initiatives in conversations as they prepare themselves and keep up with the current trends and events taking place around them.


Reading stories to children is a great way to practice on your speaking skills and learning to have detailed conversations by building upon random ideas. Toddlers’ inquisitiveness and imagination of this world is only limited by the time elders provide them. Reading to children opens up that world of imagination and their natural inclination to inquire leads to all sorts of questions. A LOT of questions.

Engaging with a child and building up stories to answer his or her queries is a great practice for your abilities to relate, think promptly and weave a story around a single strand of information the little one provides. These very abilities of understanding the speaker, relating his story with your own experiences and then adding a mutually interesting angle to the ongoing conversation is key to an effective communication and relationship in an adult setting. So the next time you see you nephew or niece running about, know that the child is the teacher of the man.


They say mimicry is the best form of flattery, and an effective way of polishing your speaking skills. If you think of someone as an amazing orator or someone who can have an effective communication with ease, the best tribute to him or her will be you mimicking that person’s way of communication. Whether that someone is a movie star, a news personality or your school teacher, you can observe the way they talk, the body language they maintain and the way they engage their audience to learn how to do the same yourself too. That’s one way to make an impression.


The world of accents is a tricky one and the variance in dialects and pronunciation inhibits communication even between people who have the same mother tongue. For this, you can try websites that offer lessons on courses and dialects. Let it be the British RP, Canadian or American English, by transcribing their oral discourses through phonetic symbols, you not only realize the inherent distinguishing patterns, but also why the accents differ from one another.

Furthermore, if you are trying to sound more like a native English speaker, what you say becomes as important as how you say it. Your pace and clarity in our speech will lead to a more fluent adaptation of the native speaker accent, giving you more chances of communicating effectively.


Lyrics training is an innovative method of enhancing oral communication among students as they can learn English and other languages through music, a very likable activity, usually. And having fun while you learn is a great way to gain knowledge. Listening to music can be a great way of not only learning a language and words, but also how the language is spoken and the words are used in sentences by giving you an audible reference.

And singing the songs gives a great practice to your tongue too to learn the new sound and tongue rolls a language or dialect requires. This fun way of gaining knowledge will certainly add to your confidence and help you with improved oral communication.

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hadia mukhtarThe views and opinions expressed in the article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views and policy of The Academia Magazine .