Islamia College University: Rankings & Review
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Islamia College University: Rankings & Review

Islamia College University: Rankings & Review
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Islamia College University is one of the oldest institutes in Pakistan, committed to providing the best quality education. Its historical roots are traced back to the Aligarh movement, and it boasts a rich history and culture. The university is a prestigious institution known for its remarkable education quality and esteemed HEC ranking.


The university was established in 1913 during the British era. Islamia College has played a significant role in KPK and Pakistan as a whole, contributing to education and excellence.


Situated in KPK, the campus of Islamia College University provides exceptional facilities and a vibrant learning environment for students.

Enrollment & Alumni:

With an enrollment of 40,000+ students and a strong network of alumni, the institute fosters a dynamic educational community. Notable alumni from different fields have emerged from the university.


The faculty of the institute comprises highly-qualified researchers, professors, and professionals who are experienced in their fields, contributing to excellent academic results.

Disciplines Offered:

Islamia College University provides high-quality education and plays a vital role in shaping Pakistan’s cultural and intellectual landscape. The institute emphasizes innovative thinking, practical skills, and research skills development, offering a wide array of disciplines, including:

    • Arts
    • Humanities
    • Engineering
    • Science and Technology
    • Business Administration
    • Arabic
    • Botany

Degree Programs:

Islamia College University offers a comprehensive range of programs, including:

  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate

Hostel Capacity:

With a high ratio of students, Islamia College University ensures comfortable and secure living arrangements. The institute has a hostel capacity of over 250+ secure rooms for boys’ and girls’ hostels, with separate accommodations for each.

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