Six ways to improve your vocabulary skills

Six ways to improve your vocabulary skills

improve your vocabulary skills

Anyone can improve their vocabulary at any time. An improved vocabulary will not only boost your skills on a personal level but also on a professional level as well. Building a strong vocabulary can allow an individual to communicate better whether verbally or in writing. In this article, we will discuss the six ways that will help you to improve your vocabulary skills.

1. Use a dictionary or thesaurus

Dictionaries or thesaurus are helpful resources if used properly. A full dictionary definition can also educate you about all the antonyms, root words and related words, which is another way to learn vocabulary. They can jog your memory about synonyms that would be better words in the context of what you are writing.

2. Play word games

Classic games like word slam, scrabble or boggle can function as a fun way to expand your English vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are also quite helpful. Keep a list of the different words you learned while playing the game and then study that list from time to time.

3. Study lists and flashcards

It can always be helpful to learn new words in groups centered on a particular theme. You can use a textbook to find useful vocabulary word lists or can simply look online for readymade flashcards to practice new words by category or you can always go with the categories of your interest then move on to the ones which you might find difficult.

4. Read vocabulary books

One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is by reading books dedicated to vocabulary expansion and enhancement. Some of the best vocabulary books can be classical literature novels that use a lot of different words which will help you to improve your vocabulary rather quickly.

5. Use new words in everyday language

Nothing out there beats absorbing yourself in an environment where you are encouraged to use new words as much as possible. For this exploration, it means talking to as many people as possible. Engage in everyday conversation, no matter how basic and try to use one or two of the learnt words while talking to somebody. It is all a part of the learning process.

6. Start writing

Start writing a blog, this will encourage you to write down words on a regular basis and you will get more comfortable with writing and using new words which means that you can use more of these words in the future. You can also take help from a thesaurus to find a good alternative which will give you another word to use in your everyday writings and conversations.

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