ICCBS – UoK establishes HCTRS for Halal testing

ICCBS – UoK establishes HCTRS for Halal testing

ICCBS Halal testing

The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) – University of Karachi (UoK), has established the Halal Certification, Testing and Research Services (HCTRS) in its premises. The HCTRS, situated in the Prof Wolfgang Voelter Laboratories Complex, provides Sustainable Solutions to the regulatory authorities, industries, academia, and consumers.”

Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Director of the ICCBS and COMSTECH Coordinator General, expressed these views while presiding over a meeting held at the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi University, on Wednesday.

He said that the HCTRS had already started its services. The HCTRS offers Halal Certification Services in various fields, while some major areas included food of animal origin (slaughtering, meat, and meat products), food of plant origin, beverages, all processed foods, food services and facilities, export, import, distribution, retail, transport with associated packaging and storage, and auxiliary services, etc.

The large Halal testing laboratories exist only in non-Muslim countries, which shows that current Halal testing services are dominated by non-Muslims, who have little understanding and appreciation, as well as the sensitivity of the concept, he stated. Products imported from non-Muslim countries may contain components or passed through a method of manufacturing that is contrary to Islamic law, he said, adding that critical components of religious nature in food and non-food products are Alcohol, Najis materials (dead, insects, urine, substances), ingredients of animal origin.

Talking about Halal product testing services, Prof Choudhary said, “Fruits, vegetables, and seafood analysis, analysis of trace elements, analysis of residual pesticide and residual solvents, and pharmaceutical raw material analysis, etc. are some important areas where the HCTRS is offering a variety of Halal product testing services.

He said that HCTRS was the only facility for Halal services in the public sector research institution, adding that there are some salient features of the HCTRS, which included one window Halal industry service provider, including Halal certification, accredited Halal testing, training, sharia and scientific research, In-house and well-equipped, accredited Halal testing facility, and well trained highly qualified staff with in-depth sharia and scientific knowledge.

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