ILMA University: Rankings & Review
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ILMA University: Rankings & Review

ILMA University
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ILMA University is one of the leading private institutes in Sindh. It has been ranked as the 2nd best private university in Pakistan by the Times Higher Education, UK in 2023. ILMA University is recognized for its high-quality educational programs by HEC Pakistan.


The university was founded in 2001. ILMA University has surely upheld a legacy of academic excellence since its establishment and continues to provide a greater learning experience for many individuals.


EDURank #153



Nestled in Karachi, Sindh. The campus offers an exquisite learning environment intending to provide quality education.

Awards Won:

The ILMA University has laid out a rigorous curriculum to meet international benchmarks of learning. The university has always proven to deliver excellent quality education as well as helped shape inquisitive minds and future leaders. Through proven excellence, the university has won over 300+ awards.

Enrollment and Alumni:

With an enrollment of 10,000+ students and a strong network of approximately 5,000+ alumni. ILMA University surely fosters a vibrant educational community and unleashes the potential within the students.

Disciplines Offered:

  • Media Science
  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Fashion Design

Hostel Facilities:

With students getting admission from all over the country, the institute must provide comfortable living arrangements for the students. The institute has separate buildings for boys and girls, and the hostels can easily accommodate over 125+ students.

Degree Programs:

ILMA University offers a wide array of degree programs that consist of Ph.D., MS, Graduate, and Undergraduate programs, fostering finesse in education and creating an inspirational learning environment.

International Linkages:

ILMA University is known to have over 6+ international linkages. These international linkages help students opt for valuable international educational opportunities as well as turn their careers around.

In essence, ILMA University ensures quality in almost every aspect through the upgrading of infrastructure, implementation of policies, curriculum, procedures, and an innovative environment.

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