Education is a costly engagement, and when it comes to higher education, the stakes only get higher. Financial expenditure plays an important role in any student or parent’s decision to choose a university for him/herself or their children and one that could be the difference between deciding to get or not get a university degree. While many who are contemplating higher studies would want to enroll in the best university out there, many aspirants can only go as far as the depth of their pockets. Which is why we have done the necessary research to create this list of most affordable BBA programmes in Lahore by private universities or institutes, so that you do not have to waste precious time just to find out which universities offer the cheapest BBA programmes in Lahore.


Lahore Garrison University

Lahore Garrison University has been around for only eight years, but the quality of education has made it stand out from the crowd in this short span of time. It is accredited by the Higher Education commission and offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programmes. According to the LGU website, the current total fee* for its four year BBA programme is close to Rs 379,420 under the civilian category, while that for offspring of army personnel is close to Rs 191,000. This makes it among the most affordable BBA programmes in Lahore, both in the private and public sector.


Qarshi University Lahore

Having been set up in 2011, Qarshi University is a relatively new name in the academic circles of Lahore. However, that does not make its stature any less than it peers when it comes to imparting quality education. The university has a degree-awarding charter and due recognition from HEC, speaking volumes about its quality of services. At present, the Qarshi University offers four-year BBA degree against a per semester fee of Rs 80,000, meaning the total four-year cost for the degree would be close to around Rs 480,000.


Minhaj University

Minhaj University Lahore was established in 1986 by Dr Tahirul Qadri. It has two campuses in Township and Model Town. The university received its degree-awarding charter from the Government of Punjab in 2005 and it now offers a number of degree programs in various disciplines, including Economics & Management Sciences, Basic Science & Mathematics, Social Science & Humanities, Computer Science & Information Technology, Languages, Islamic Studies & Shariah. According to its website, the fee for its four-year BBA is Rs 483,000, making it one of the most affordable BBA prorammes in Lahore.


Riphah University

Riphah is an established name in the higher education sector of Pakistan.  Riphah University started operations in Islamabad in 2002 and was granted a charted by the federal government the same year. It set up its Lahore campus in 2012, offering various degree programmes in the fields of management sciences, physical therapy and pharmaceutical sciences. The fee for Riphah University's BBA degree programme is quoted as Rs 565,000.


Institute of Management Sciences/Pak Aims

The institute has been engaged with education in Lahore for over three decades, first starting operations as the Canadian School of Management - Lahore Learning Centre in 1986. The name was later changed to Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-AIMS) and finally to the Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) in year 2002, the year it received a degree-awarding charter from the Government of Punjab. IMS offers a wide variety of degree programmes in various disciplines, including a well-laid-out BBA programme. The fee for the four-year BBA degree at IMS is Rs 611,600.


Lahore Leads University

Lahore Leads University was established in 2011 after receiving a degree-awarding status from the Government of Punjab. It has since been recognised by all major academic bodies in the country, including HEC Pakistan, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Pakistan Bar Council. The fee for the Leads University’s BBA programme is Rs 623,000 at present.


University of South Asia

The University of South Asia was first established as a computer training institute in 1987, but has since grew into a fully functional university offering numerous degrees in diverse fields and disciplines. The university received a charter from the Government of Punjab in 2004 and now has nine academic departments, besides a school of law and a faculty of management sciences. The university offers various programmes in management sciences and its BBA programme is offered against a four-year fee of Rs 640,000, as stated on the fee structure page on its website.


Hajvery University

Hajvery University has been imparting higher education to the youth of Lahore in six distinct disciplines since 2002. These include business; commerce and banking; engineering and computer science; fashion design; humanities and social sciences, and pharmacy. Hajveri University received its charter from the government of Punjab in 2002 and offers study programmes at the undergrad, graduate, and doctorate levels. Currently, the total fee for Hajveri University’s BBA programme hovers around the Rs 700,000 mark, having moved a little up from the previous Rs 612,500.



The two institutes have been merged under this single heading for two reasons: First they crossover to the Rs 700,000 plus category and second, because the fee for their BBA programme is roughly the same. Starting with Bahria University, the fee for its four year programme is close to Rs 720,000.  NCBA&E officials quoted a fee of Rs 724,000 for the BBA degree when we contacted them in August. However, the univeristy officials could not be reached despite repeated attempts this time. We will update the fee of NCBA&E BBA programme once we have the details.


So here you have it people. A comprehensive list of most affordable BBA programmes in Lahore offered by private institutes in the heart of Punjab. Do you think we missed a university or two? Would you like us to work on more such lists? Share your thoughts in the comments section below to let us know what you would like to read next.


*Fee Quotations Updated On February 8, 2019

*Fees have been quoted to the best of our knowledge and calculated on the basis of information provided on the university websites or through inquiries over telephone. Actual fees may differ. Please contact the relevant university authorities for any changes in fees that might have taken place.

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