FAPUASA Black Day Against IIUI Admin Postponed Over MBS Visit

FAPUASA Black Day Against IIUI Admin Postponed Over MBS Visit


The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has postponed its planned ‘black day’ against International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) administration owing to the historic visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Islamabad. The FAPUASA black day was to be observed against the alleged victimization of faculty at the hands of IIUI administration.

The decision to mark a black day in protest token was announced by the FAPUASA executive council represented by all provinces in Lahore on February 12. FAPUASA Central President Dr Mahboob Hussain said in that the crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan was long awaited and carried utmost importance. The black day in response to the faculty victimization on raising their voices against the illegal award of degree to the son of IIUI president Dr Ahmed Yousaf Aldarweish and massive instances of corruption prevailing in the university has now been postponed, the statement added.

However, the FAPUASA black day will be observed on February 28 to condemn the intolerable and unconstitutional behavior of IIUI authorities and delaying tactics for the reinstatement of victimized faculty members.

Dr Hussain said the IIUI president should withdraw the illegal degree awarded to his son in absentia and complete pending corruption inquiries instead of victimizing faculty members for whistle-blowing. “Faculty members with outstanding contributions in teaching and research are being graded as adverse in their Annual Confidential Reports, which is very unfortunate,” he lamented.

The FAPUASA central president said the next course of action, including pen-down strike and closure of public sector universities, would be announced on the black day (Feb 28) if reinstatements were not made until then.

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