Interesting facts about Archaeology

Interesting facts about Archaeology

Interesting facts about Archaeology

Everyone loves good ancient archaeological discoveries. Archaeology is an amazing career as well because there is always something interesting about the idea of uncovering a buried treasure that has fascinated people for centuries. New discoveries can fill us with wonder at past human civilizations. Every year, exciting archaeological discoveries are made, and the world is amazed by what has been discovered from our past. In this article, we have listed some of the most interesting facts about archaeology.

1. Dinosaurs are not involved in archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human history through physical objects and other evidence left behind. This doesn’t include dinosaurs as they were on earth more than 58 million years before the first human ancestors.

2. Archaeology is for everyone

Yes, that is right. Archaeology is a science, a form of physical work and art. It is varied and can appeal to people with different skills and interests.

3. Archaeologists can use technology to learn what is underground instead of digging

Archaeologists don’t always have to dig to learn about what is underground. Geophysical survey uses electric and magnets to create a map of potential archaeology underneath. Drones are also used to take aerial photographs.

4. Not all archaeology is underground

Many people think of archaeology being buried underground, but the truth is that any physical material can tell us about the past. This means even buildings can be important forms of evidence. As a matter of fact, there is a whole specialism of archaeology which involves recording historic buildings and creating reports about them.

5. Country with the most UNESCO sites

Archaeological sites are present in every country but what country has the most important historical and cultural sites? Well, Italy has a whooping 58 of these UNESCO World Heritage sites. China is in the second place with around 56 and Germany with 51.

6. First archaeologist in the world

In 550 BCE, Nabonidus, the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire was the very first archaeologist. King Nabonidus conducted excavations on existing temples in Mesopotamia specifically searching for foundation deposits.

7. Archaeologists usually have an idea of what they will find before they start digging

Archaeologists get information about the history of an area with every site that they dig. Combining this information with the historical records, such as maps, reports or drawings, it helps them predict what will be new on the site. They can even estimate how deep underground the archaeology will be found and how well it might be preserved but there still can be surprises.

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