A student at NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) Karachi, Zaeem ur Rehman, recently received a notice of explanation from the university regarding his involvement in collecting donations for the Palestine Fund on campus. The notification, issued by the varsity registrar, raised concerns about the fundraising activities carried out without prior permission and referred to them as misconduct, citing violations of university regulations.

In response to the notice, Zaeem ur Rehman provided an explanation, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the fundraising efforts. He emphasized that he and fellow students initiated a donation drive in solidarity with the people of Palestine, who have been enduring immense challenges due to the ongoing conflict. Motivated by their shared Islamic faith and a sense of responsibility toward Al-Aqsa, they aimed to support affected Palestinian families through their fundraising efforts.

Rehman clarified that the donation boxes were intended for collection on October 25th but were seized by university security personnel before the scheduled collection. The boxes featured the logo of the Alkhidmat Foundation, a reputable charitable organization. Upon the confiscation of the funds, they were informed that collecting donations without prior permission was not allowed.

In an effort to rectify the situation, a formal application seeking approval for a three-day donation drive was submitted to the university registrar on October 25th. Rehman and his peers hoped for a favorable response, believing that the administration shared their humanitarian concern for those in dire need. However, they waited for several days without any communication from the university authorities.

Rehman further explained that on October 30th, Vice-Chancellor Sarosh Hashmat Lodi led a Peace Walk to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause. During the event, they proposed resuming their fundraising efforts as part of the walk, with the Vice Chancellor initiating the collection. This proposal was met with refusal by the Vice-Chancellor, who also conveyed that any attempts to conduct a donation drive would have consequences. Subsequently, they learned that their fundraising application had been rejected, which came as a surprise given their genuine intentions and the urgency of the situation in Palestine.

In his response to the Show Cause notice, Rehman disputed the characterization that they were collecting funds for a “Religious Political Party.” He emphasized that their fundraising efforts were solely focused on the relief and support of the Palestinian people, who have endured immeasurable loss, suffering, and hardship. Rehman clarified that the Alkhidmat Foundation is a well-established non-governmental organization actively engaged in humanitarian work, and it is the only one from Pakistan currently operational in Gaza to the best of their knowledge.

Rehman concluded his response by requesting a reconsideration of the matter, asking the university to acknowledge the genuine intentions behind their fundraising initiative. He reiterated that their efforts were aimed at contributing to a humanitarian cause without any political motivations. Rehman expressed a sincere hope to avoid any disciplinary actions and sought an amicable resolution to the matter.

The student’s response emphasizes the humanitarian nature of their fundraising efforts and aims to address the concerns raised by the university in the notice.

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