Do you think you know all about digital marketing? Well, digital marketing is trending a lot nowadays. This is because the world is moving toward the digital era at a fast pace. Over the past few years, numerous businesses and firms have adopted the idea of digital marketing. Many people want to enter the world of digital marketing by learning the basic skills that fall into this sector. The scope, as well as the demand for digital marketing, is on the rise not only in Pakistan but all over the world. And it will be more in demand over the span of the next few years. If you think you know everything about digital marketing then get ready to test your knowledge. We are back with a fun yet interesting general knowledge quiz about digital marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to test your knowledge of digital marketing.

1. What is digital marketing?

Answer: Well, digital marketing is an online marketing that helps promote a business, brand, service, or product. Digital marketing helps brands to connect to their potential customers with the use of digital media which includes the internet and other forms of digital communications. It can also include, social media, email marketing, web-based advertising, etc.

2. Name the types of digital marketing?

Answer: There are different types of digital marketing which include:

⁃ Affiliate marketing
⁃ Mobile marketing
⁃ Pay per click
⁃ Influencer marketing
⁃ Search engine optimization
⁃ Social media marketing
⁃ Content marketing

3. Name the 5 key elements of a digital marketing campaign?

Answer: The 5 essential elements of a digital marketing campaign include the following:

⁃ Organic search
⁃ Social media marketing
⁃ Content marketing
⁃ Lead nurturing
⁃ Mobile considerations

4. What is the main goal of analyzing data?

Answer: The main goal of analyzing data is to look for various patterns and to think about what these specific patterns mean to a business organization. These patterns help in making data-driven decisions.

5. What does NPS stand for?

Answer: NPS stands for net promoter score

6. What best describes the term “leading indicators”?

Answer: The term “leading indicators” help define strategies for moving a business organization forward.

7. What is a part of traditional marketing?

Answer: Direct marketing is a part of traditional marketing

8. What is word-of-mouth marketing via electronic channels such as the internet, digital media, and emails known as?

Answer: It is known as viral

9. What are the most important concepts while developing a website?

Answer: The most important concepts while developing a website include the following:

⁃ Good navigation
⁃ User-friendly
⁃ Feedback
⁃ Information presentation

10. What is AdSense?

Answer: AdSense is Google’s advertising program that displays ads on web pages

11. If one marketing agency decides to expose its customers to numerous other services as well. What is this known as?

Answer: This is known as cross-selling

12. Google is the world’s most popular?

Answer: Google is the world’s most popular search engine

13. Name the classic form of advertising on the internet?

Answer: The classic form of advertising on the internet is known as a banner advertisement

14. Name the advertisement that floats on the page for 10-30 seconds?

Answer: The advertisement is known as the floating advertisement

15. Name the web-roaming program that is used to find the documents about one’s search?

Answer: It is known as a spider

16. What is a sitemap?

Answer: A sitemap is a page that links every other page on the website and displays all the links organized according to the information hierarchy

17. How does a search engine access user data?

Answer: Well, search engines use cookies to maintain a history of a user’s search activity

18. What is SEO?

Answer: Well, SEO is the process of improving a website’s rankings on search engine results pages

19. Is adding text links helpful while optimizing images with keywords for SEO?

Answer: No, it doesn’t help while optimizing images with keywords for SEO.

20. In what terms is the brand’s overall value measured?

Answer: A brand’s overall value is measured in brand equity

21. Why is it important to have a digital marketing strategy?

Answer: It is important to have a digital marketing strategy as it defines how a brand will leverage digital channels to fulfill a business challenge as well as objectives

22. What does SMART stand for?

Answer: SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound

23. Why is digital marketing so important?

Answer: Digital marketing allows you to get creative and also helps to stand out from all the competitors in the market. It is a simple way to improve your business by investing less amount of money and getting amazing results. Digital marketing also helps spread brand awareness.

So, did you do well in this quiz of general knowledge questions on digital marketing?

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